The Benefits of Internet-Free Days | Photo of a blue sky and a seagull |

Internet-free days: the joy of missing out

Sharing the benefits of internet-free days may seem a little crazy coming from a blogger, but I really do champion the power of switching off. After all, too much of anything is never a good thing – unless it’s chocolate, and even that’s not advised!

So, after spending a week in Dorset and offline, I thought I’d share four of the positives I’ve found from regularly switching off. I call it, the joy of missing out because logging off enables me to slow down and enjoy my life free from distraction.

The Benefits of Internet-Free Days | Photo of a blue sky and a seagull |

The benefits of internet-free days..

1. More time

I sometimes grab my phone or tablet to check something, and a few hours later I’m still there – know the feeling? The online world seems to eat away at my time, but by switching off, I can claim it back. I also find I’m less likely to continually check my technology on my return. Internet-free days serve as a reminder that the real world is worth my full attention.

2. More connection

Sometimes I need to disconnect so I can reconnect with the people and the world around me. The internet is a fantastic place to meet like-minded folk, but few things beat spending time with the people who make me happy. When I’m with my family or friends I put my phone away, after all, nothing in the digital world is more important than the person or people in front of me!

3. More gratitude

There are many benefits to being online, however, too much scrolling certainly has an impact on how I feel. When I edit out the noise and distraction, I’m able to fully relax and recharge. I also find when I stop looking at the lives of others, I have more gratitude for my own life just the way it is. It helps me to reconnect with myself and listen to my own inner voice.

4. More creativity

When I switch off, I notice an increase in creative ideas. The time and space seem to allow them to come to the surface. I love the phrase, ‘creation over consumption’ because I certainly find my creativity flows more freely when I switch off.

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