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I’m Natasha, and I’m an Oxford-based coach and mentor. I support and empower people to achieve their dreams, visions and goals, building a life, career or business they love. I’ve helped my clients to do some incredible things, allowing them the time and space to explore their values, hopes and aspirations. I wholeheartedly believe in the life-changing power of coaching because I’ve experienced it for myself.
Natasha Denness | portrait | natashadenness.co.uk

My creative coaching journey

My most vivid childhood memories involve drawing and painting. When I look at my old artwork, I can recall where I was and how I felt when I created it – in some cases, I can even remember the music that was playing! This insatiable appetite for all things creative led me to study Fine Art and the History of Art at Oxford Brookes University.

A key part of my creativity has always been a passion to help people grow. I never felt comfortable in the spotlight – I just loved supporting others. It made me happy to see them flourish and thrive.

From the moment I graduated my career choices combined these two loves, and over the last 20 years, I’ve enjoyed a wide variety of roles in the arts, retail and education sectors, managing and developing brilliant teams of people.

Through those positions – which include being Head of Operations and Visitor Services at Modern Art Oxford, Team Leader of Ladies Personal Shopping at Selfridges London and Alumni Relations Manager at the University of Oxford – I’ve worked with and supported hundreds of extraordinary people, enabling me to hone a unique and powerful set of coaching and mentoring skills.

In addition to this, I’ve grown my own creative business, working as a writer, photographer and content creator. I’ve also established a successful online brand that includes an award-winning lifestyle blog.

It’s been an extraordinary journey – the highlights have included becoming a regular contributor to Breathe magazine, an Ambassador for Panasonic Lumix, winning a UK blog award and collaborating with many innovative brands including Boden, Etsy, Houzz and Laura Ashley.

Coaching changed my life and I continue to benefit from it today

My journey from management towards professional coaching began at the University of Oxford in 2012 when I discovered the tremendous power of personal coaching for myself.

The coaching helped me to understand myself and my life with a clarity I hadn’t experienced before. It expanded my world and showed me things I didn’t think were possible. It also enabled me to get to the heart of the life and career choices I’d made and pin down exactly where I wanted to be next. The coaching experience was life-changing, and I continue to benefit from it today.

Fast forward to today where I spend my days coaching others while exploring my passion for personal and professional development, wellbeing, self-care and creativity. I have a European Mentoring and Coaching Council accredited qualification, plus an abundance of creativity, experience and enthusiasm. It’s a gift to support and empower people to build joyous and fruitful lives.

Coaching is unlike anything else, it creates miracles and helps people to make the most of their precious time on this beautiful planet. I’d love to hear more of your own creative journey and see how I can help you take the next steps – just get in touch!

Natasha Denness Coaching | Photo of a desk | natashadenness.co.uk

Let’s start your coaching journey

If you’re ready to invest in yourself and the gift of coaching, please get in touch using the form below or by email at coaching@natashadenness.co.uk. I look forward to hearing from you and having an introductory chat to find out more about your aspirations, dreams and goals.

Portrait by Philippa James Photography