Are you seeking some time and space to reflect, dream and plan?

Reflection and Planning Coaching Session (image of desk items)

Time to reflect

Want to reconnect with your business values, plan and purpose? Feeling stuck, overwhelmed, distracted and seeking renewed direction? Yearning to simplify, get organised and unlock more time? Needing to reflect, take stock and make some valuable plans?

The Reflection and Planning Coaching Session can help you find focus and clarity in your life and work, enabling you to set some achievable goals and intentions and map out a simple, step-by-step path towards them. It’s a great way to reflect on the passing month, season or year, encouraging you to build on what’s working while tweaking or letting go of what’s no longer bringing you joy.

I went into the meeting with a head full of ‘to do’ lists and a flurry of project ideas, and came out with focus and direction. Natasha’s coaching style is very supportive, helping you lead yourself in the right direction, mentally decluttering as you go.”

Jacqui Thorndyke, Owner of Bitten Oxford and Bitten Digital

Space to dream

The coaching session is an insightful and empowering two hours, giving you the time and space to reconnect with your true self, your business goals, your hopes and dreams, and get crystal clear about what you want and how you’re going to get there. Maybe even recovering some of those passions and pastimes that got lost along the way!

The process will help you focus on what really matters to you in your life and work, cutting out the noise and distraction of the outside world and empowering you to identify new ideas and opportunities, ones that line up with your values and fit with your energy and lifestyle.

Reflection and Planning Coaching Session (image of desk items)

Natasha helped me get under the skin of my goals, understanding what my immediate next steps were and forming a plan for moving things forward. She has a supportive and focused attitude which helps pull everything together – can definitely recommend.”

Alexander Ward, Photographer

Reflection and Planning Coaching Session (image of desk items)

Time to plan

At the end of the coaching session, you’ll feel confident and clear about where you want to be and how you’re going to get there. It’s a great way to slow down, review what’s happening and make some valuable plans, free from the distractions and commitments of daily life.

We can work on anything you need help and support with, from setting meaningful business goals to exploring ways to support your life and work and unlock more time.

Are you ready to explore where my Reflection and Planning Coaching Session could help you get to?

Find clarity, focus, fulfilment and joy – whatever that means for you.

Here are some of the things we can work on together:

  • Create workflows and routines to make your working day simpler.
  • Design a daily or weekly schedule that supports your productivity.

  • Pinpoint exciting opportunities and where to focus your attention.

  • Establish what you can tweak or simplify to unlock more time.

  • Set some joyful and meaningful targets, goals and intentions.
  • Establish a work-life balance that fits with your energy and lifestyle.

  • Identify what’s missing and reconnect with the things you love.

  • Get unstuck and create a simple step-by-step plan to move forward.

Natasha’s coaching has been instrumental in helping me achieve my goals and set me on a path which has already begun to unearth rewards.”

Rosie Jacobs, Director of Independent Oxford

Are you ready to find clarity, get organised and make some plans to support you in the new month, season or year?

Natasha Denness Coaching

Reflection and Planning Session

A two-hour one-to-one reflection and planning coaching session.

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