Whether you are planning to begin, grow or pivot a business, are looking to embrace a new and more rewarding line of work, or figure out what you really want from life, I would love to help you achieve your goals and get to where you want to be.

Finding focus, fulfilment and joy – whatever that means for you

My coaching programmes give you the time and space to reflect on your life and work and focus on what matters to you, empowering you to spot and grasp new opportunities and move forward boldly. Together we can look at where you are and explore where you’d like to be, setting clear goals, breaking those targets down into practical next steps, and keeping you focused and accountable as you stride into your chosen future.

At the end of our time together you’ll feel confident and clear about where you’re going next, you’ll have a better understanding of how to make choices that line up with your values and vision, and you’ll feel empowered by investing in yourself. Most importantly, you’ll have set yourself on a path towards building a life you love – whatever that looks like for you.


Here are a few of the things we can work on together

  • Starting, growing or pivoting a creative business/organisation

  • Planning and launching a new project, product or service

  • Creative business/organisation building, development and management

  • Marketing and digital strategic planning including blogging and social media

  • Simplifying, getting organised and setting and maintaining boundaries

  • Work-life balance including identifying your personal values and goals

  • Exploring ideas, options and opportunities for progression and growth

  • Career advancement and transition

  • Getting unstuck by overcoming blocks, barriers and unhelpful mindsets

  • Managing change, challenges and stress

“Natasha was definitely a lifeline during a period when I was feeling like my direction needed defining. My new-found confidence, realisation and action plan have changed my life, helping me believe in myself to move my ambitions forward.”
Lizzie Owen, Artist

Are you ready to explore where my coaching programmes could help you get to?

The coaching programme unpacked

One-to-one coaching sessions

The coaching programme begins with a 90-minute introductory session to get to know you and explore the goals you’re looking to achieve – you may have one big ambition or a range of smaller objectives. Following this, you’ll either receive a further four 60-minute coaching sessions (for the three-month programme) or nine 60-minute coaching sessions (for the six-month programme). Every coaching session is one-to-one and takes place on Zoom or on the telephone.

During the coaching conversation, I am guided by your goals and objectives. This might involve using coaching tools and exercises or simply letting the conversation flow, exploring ideas and options as they present themselves. My target is that you get the most from our time together, you enjoy the experience of investing in yourself and your future, and that you continue to benefit from the coaching long after the sessions are complete.

Short-term action steps and long-term planning

While we’re working together, you will receive all the support, motivation and encouragement you need from setting action steps to help you make progress between sessions to creating a long-term plan, for example, a career development plan or a business and marketing plan. This will provide you with a strong foundation to take forward. I also offer a midway progress review to celebrate your accomplishments and make sure we’re on track with your goals.

Email support and accountability

You’ll receive email support from me for the duration of the coaching programme to answer any questions you might have, offer additional resources and keep you motivated and accountable to the plans we make together.

“I really looked forward to our inspiring and info-packed coaching sessions. Natasha encouraged me and gave me the confidence to steer my creative business in the right direction and to make a long term plan for it to flourish.”

Tamsyn Morgans, Stylist, Photographer and Award-winning Blogger

Here’s what’s included

  • Pre-coaching questions to spark your thinking and help you uncover what you’d like from the programme.

  • One 90-minute introductory coaching session to get to know you and explore the goals you’re looking to achieve.

  • Four 60-minute coaching sessions (three-month programme) or nine 60-minute coaching sessions (six-month programme).

  • A midway progress review to celebrate your wins and ensure we’re heading towards your goals.

  • Coaching tools, exercises, action steps and further reading suggestions to support your personal and professional development.

  • Email support and accountability while we’re working together to answer any questions you might have.

Natasha Denness Coaching - Oxford Coach (Photo of flowers)

Three-Month Coaching Programme

Quarter of a year of help and accountability including five one-to-one coaching sessions and email support.

Your investment: £695
(payment plans available)

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Natasha Denness Coaching - Oxford Coach - (Photo of Flowers)

Six-Month Coaching Programme

Half a year of help and accountability including ten one-to-one coaching sessions and email support.

Your investment: £1,295
(payment plans available)

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Looking for something different? I also offer bespoke coaching packages, from individually tailored one-off sessions to long-term support and accountability.

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