Natasha Denness Coaching | Photo of palms |

Natasha Denness Coaching | Photo of palms |


Want to love your life? Feel more motivated and fulfilled in your career?

Enjoy greater confidence, clarity and contentment in your business?

My coaching supports and empowers you to build a life, career or business you love.


Whether you’re planning to begin or grow a new business, want to progress and flourish in your career, or are looking to embrace a more inspiring and rewarding line of work, I’d love to help you achieve your goals and reach your potential.

After all, we only get one life. Yet it’s far too easy to waste years going down a wrong path – being held back by insecurities and doubts, worrying that we’re not qualified or experienced enough or simply lacking the courage or support to take the first step.

My coaching gives you the time and space to reflect on your choices and focus on what really matters to you, empowering you to spot and grasp new opportunities and move forward boldly. Together we can look at where you are in your life and work. Then we’ll explore where you’d like to be, setting clear goals, breaking those targets down into practical next steps, and keeping you focused and accountable as you stride into a more fulfilling future.

At the end of our time together you’ll feel confident and clear about where you’re going next, you’ll have a better understanding of how to make choices that line up with your personal values and vision, and you’ll feel empowered by investing in yourself. Most importantly, you’ll have set yourself on a path towards building a life, career or business you love.


My clients create powerful results

Over the last year I’ve helped my clients to do some inspiring things:

~ Leaving an unfulfilling job to follow their dream of turning a hobby into a profitable business. Drafting a business plan and creating a website, online shop, blog and social media presence from scratch.
~ Undertaking some deep reflective work around mindset, exploring options and ideas and how they might look and feel, and then applying to and securing a leadership role.
~ Evaluating their work-life balance and simplifying and automating an already-thriving creative business, generating more revenue, time and freedom.
~ Pitching, organising, planning and marketing a financially successful exhibition of their work. Generating sales and commissions plus an exciting long-term collaboration.
~ Digging deeply into what they truly want from their life and work and then embarking on a rewarding and fulfilling new line of work following a career break.


Are you ready to explore where my coaching could help you get to?

Here are the ways we can work together:


1. Book onto one of my Flourish and Thrive coaching programmes.

(I offer one, three and six-month packages.)


2. Let me create a tailor-made coaching programme to support your needs and goals.

(I work with individuals, businesses and organisations.)


Natasha Denness Coaching | Photo of objects on a desk |

Let’s start your coaching journey

If you’re ready to invest in yourself and the gift of coaching, please get in touch using the form below or by email at I look forward to hearing from you and having an introductory chat to find out more about your aspirations, dreams and goals.