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Do you want to start blogging to market your business and attract the right people to your website? Or perhaps you already have a blog, and you want to grow your audience, generating traffic, leads and sales. Whatever you’re looking to achieve, my bespoke blog coaching session can help you reach your goals.

With an award-winning blog and over ten years of experience, I know almost all there is to know about blogging. I’ve blogged as a hobby, as a job and today, my blog supports my coaching business, enabling me to attract the right clients.

In this coaching session, I will share everything I’ve learnt from creating engaging content to increasing reach and readership. My blog coaching programme is designed to meet you where you are, covering your specific needs and objectives and supporting your business. All you need to do is let me know your goals and what you’d like to cover and I will create a blog coaching session just for you.

I set up a new blog to go alongside my wedding photography business and to be honest, I was nervous about doing it ‘right’. Natasha gave me the confidence I needed and guided me into seeing the simplicity of it all. She started by sharing some simple blog ideas and SEO techniques and then helped me develop a business marketing plan which has turned my business around.”

Philippa James, Photographer

Here are a few of the areas we can work on together

  • How to build a blog
  • Blog identity, branding and design
  • Creating clickable and binge-worthy content

  • Post content, structure and photography

  • Blog planning, scheduling and management

  • Optimising your blog to improve search engine optimisation

  • Blog marketing and promotion to increase reach and readership

  • How to build a community around your blog

  • How to turn blog posts into sales

  • Monetisation including sponsored posts, affiliate links and brand collaborations

  • Blog metrics and how to use them

  • Blog maintenance, security and upkeep

My experience

I started blogging in 2008. What began as a hobby gathered momentum and in 2015, I left my job at the University of Oxford to work as a freelance blogger, writer, stylist and photographer. Through my blog, I’ve written and photographed for magazines, spoken at conferences and events, collaborated with brands, and in 2016, I won an industry award. Today my blog supports my coaching business and gives me an online space to share my thoughts, ideas and creativity.

She answered all my questions about blogging, gave me so many technical hints and tips, and showed me how to optimise my posts to get the biggest reach and engagement. We talked about how to use my skills and talents as a creative to stand out in the marketplace, and I left feeling inspired and motivated, raring to get started.”

Julie-Anne Graham, Relationship Coach and Children’s Book Author

Are you ready to invest in your yourself, your business and your blog?

Natasha Denness Coaching

Blogging for Business

A tailor-made two-hour blog coaching session.

Your investment: £250

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Looking for something different? I also offer three and six-month coaching programmes and bespoke coaching packages, from individually tailored one-off sessions to long-term support and accountability.

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