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Three Ways to Simplify Your Life for Spring

20th March 2022

Three Ways to Simplify Your Life (photo of a living room)

Organise and simplify

I love the gentle arrival of spring. It feels like a dear old friend has come to visit, and I welcome her fresh breeze into my home through my open windows.

Spring, for me, is an uplifting time of year. It inspires me to create, make plans and freshen up my home. I also like to get organised and simplify whatever I can.

Today, I am sharing three areas I like to address, they are my surroundings, my schedule and any unhelpful distractions. I find addressing these three areas helps pave the way for a calmer and simpler season.

If you’re also wishing to simplify, the three areas can be addressed in stages and approached as gently or as drastically as you wish. As with everything in our lives, it’s wise to go at your own pace, try things out and do what works best for you.

Three Ways to Simplify Your Life (photo of a living room)

1. Simplify your home

To get started, you could take a look at your home. A clutter-free space means less time organising, tidying and maintaining things, which, in turn, can free up more time in your day.

When you’re decluttering, you could work on one draw or cupboard or room at a time, or address your possessions by type, for example, clothes, kitchen items and so on. When I simplify my possessions, I ask myself, do I need, use or love this item? If the answer is no, I let it go.

Three Ways to Simplify Your Life (photo of a living room)

2. Simplify your schedule

If you’re being pulled in different directions and feeling uncomfortably busy, you may wish to simplify your schedule. One way to do this is to grab a pen and paper and list everything that is taking up your time. Your list may include commitments, obligations, hobbies, as well as maintenance tasks and household chores.

Once you have a list, take a moment to consider if anything could be dropped, tweaked, shared, simplified, combined or postponed. By making a few changes, you will hopefully get things back to a comfortable and manageable level.

Three Ways to Simplify Your Life (photo of a living room)

3. Identify unhelpful distractions

By removing unhelpful habits and noticing when you are distracted, you will unlock more time. Our distractions may include television, email, social media, computer games and so on. Many of these things add value to our lives, however, when they are not used with intention, they can eat away at our time.

One way to address this is to think about what’s distracting you. For example, do you scroll through social media when you have other things to do? The key is to identify what is taking up your time and make the changes you want to see happen.

Three Ways to Simplify Your Life (photo of a living room)

And finally, create some boundaries

Once you’ve simplified your surroundings and schedule, and addressed the things distracting you, it’s wise to protect your time. Without doing so, you may find someone else fills it up for you! Regularly look at your life to see what’s working and what isn’t and take steps to get the balance back.

When it comes to your environment, be mindful of what is coming into your home. Clutter tends to build up quickly, so it’s valuable to keep on top of things. With a regular purge, you should be able to maintain what you’ve achieved, generating more time and space for the people and activities that bring you joy.

If you’re planning to simplify your life for spring, I wish you the very best of luck!

Three Ways to Simplify Your Life (photo of a living room)

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Thank you, as always, for stopping by. I wish you a beautiful, inspiring and creative season ahead. I hope spring brings you an abundance of all the things you love. Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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