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Finding Peace and Serenity in Turbulent Times

12th May 2020

Finding Peace and Serenity in Turbulent Times | Natasha Denness Coaching (photo of blossom)

Finding peace and serenity

Hello, friends,

What a sad, surreal and unsettling time. The things that are happening in the world were unimaginable just a few months ago. I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well.

I’ve been approaching life with ease, taking things one day at a time and honouring whatever I’m feeling in the present moment. I’ve had good and bad days and on the bad days, I remind myself that these are extraordinary circumstances, and this is new territory for us all.

Coaching in a lockdown

I’ve transitioned all my coaching meetings to Zoom. Although I miss meeting my clients in person, I’m grateful that I can continue to be of help during this uncertain time. If you’re considering some coaching support, please know that I am here if you need me – just get in touch, and we can have a cuppa and a chat about what you’re looking to achieve. If you’d like to hear more, here’s what my clients are saying.

Today, I’m sharing five things that are supporting me at this time and giving me some peace and serenity.

Finding Peace and Serenity in Turbulent Times | Natasha Denness Coaching (photo of seagulls)

Getting back to basics

Each day I make sure I’m prioritising and creating space for good nutrition, movement and exercise, connection with others and plenty of sleep. By simplifying things and getting back to basics, I hope I’m doing the very best I can for my mind, body and soul. I’ve also been keeping up with my daily meditation practice and working on accepting the present moment just as it is.

Simplifying what I consume

The thing that’s helped me the most is to reduce my news and social media intake. This simple change lifted the majority of fear and helplessness I was feeling. It also enabled me to make sense of what’s happening in the world, free from the anxiety-inducing news headlines and the noise of the online world.

Riding the wave of uncertainty

I’ve been trying to sit with and accept the uncertainty. And at the same time, create a little certainty in the uncertainty. To do this, I’ve implemented new rituals replacing those that have been taken away. Eating my morning porridge and fruit while sat in my bay window watching the birds and passing clouds is a favourite, along with Sunday coffee with my Mum on FaceTime. I’m very grateful for these familiar and comforting touchstones throughout my week.

Going with the flow

When I’m not coaching, I’m trying to embrace what I’m being drawn to in the present moment. This includes welcoming the ebbs and flows of motivation, productivity and creativity. Sometimes things don’t go to plan, and on these days, I remind myself that I can reset, refocus and restart as often as I need to. It’s more important than ever that I try not to force things and that I practice kindness and compassion towards myself.

Connecting with others

Connection, community and a feeling of belonging are the things that ground me. There’s so much wisdom to be found through connecting with others and if we have a long journey ahead of us, I know I’ll be better placed if I can share this path with them. I take great comfort from meeting friends and fellow freelancers on Zoom. And when I’m missing my family, it’s helpful to know that we’re all in this together!

Finding Peace and Serenity in Turbulent Times | Natasha Denness Coaching (photo of a squirrel)

Take care and stay safe, everyone

I hope you’re finding some peace and serenity in your life right now. Please be gentle with yourself and know that whatever you’re feeling you’re not alone. Reach out to others and ask for help when you need it.

Until next time, I’ll see you over on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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