How to Simplify Your Life | (Photo of bluebells)

A life less busy

Simplifying is one way to calm your life and by juggling less you can create space and unlock time. Living simply is about resisting materialism and busyness and choosing to follow your own path. There’s a quiet confidence in knowing you have enough and with it come gratitude, comfort and peace.

Today I’m sharing three ways to simplify your life focusing on:

1. Your surroundings and environment
2. What you spend your time doing
3. The distractions and time wasters

Each area can be done in stages and implemented as gently or as drastically as you feel comfortable with. I’ve found the benefits of addressing these areas have included less stress, more freedom and a greater appreciation for the simple things in life.

How to Simplify Your Life | (Photo of bluebells)

Declutter your possessions

If you’re seeking a calmer life you may wish to declutter your home. This is because less stuff means less housework, less time organising and tidying, less time looking for things and less time getting things repaired or replaced.

A clutter-free home can have an enormous impact on how we feel. Cupboards of clutter can weigh us down and prevent us from moving forward. By letting go we can feel lighter, freer and see everything in life a little more clearly.

It’s wonderful to live in a home comprising of only the things you use and love. In my case, it was a long journey, but I haven’t looked back because a home without clutter is an uplifting and energising place to be. It also provides a little more time to put my feet up!

Create some life boundaries

It’s wise to guard your time and create space for the things that make you happy. This can be achieved by establishing what’s important in your life and planning time to relax and recharge. It’s also valuable to look at your commitments to see if any can be reduced, tweaked or removed. Regularly looking at how you’re spending your time is a great habit to get into.

For a long time, I felt I had to do everything and saying no would result in a missed opportunity. I now view every invitation, offer and request as a no before deciding if it’s worth my time. I give myself permission to gracefully decline without guilt and I’m never hasty or I may say yes to something I later regret!

How to Simplify Your Life | (Photo of bluebells)

Reduce your distractions

We live in a world of distractions, but by removing bad habits and practicing a little restraint we can calm our lives and unlock a little more time. Distractions include all the things that aid procrastination, for example, the television, email, social media and so on. Some of these things can help us to make plans and keep in touch, however, it’s wise not to waste our precious time aimlessly scrolling. The secret is to use these things with intention.

Take time to notice what’s distracting you and eating away at your time. There are many ways to push back, they can range from turning off phone notifications to processing your inbox more efficiently. Identify what is keeping you from the life you want to live and take steps to regain control. Don’t be afraid to be ruthless, life moves quickly so blocking out distractions and learning effective time management can transform how you feel.

‘Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.’ – Ferris Bueller

Although there are many other ways to simplify your life, I think these three are a good starting point. My journey began with decluttering and as I kept going, I began to notice other areas that needed editing. By asking the question, ‘is this necessary or does it bring happiness to my life?’ you can allow the non-essential stuff to fall away leaving space for the people and things that bring you the greatest joy.

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