How 12 Busy Creatives like to Relax and Unwind | Natasha Denness Coaching (Photo of pink blossom)

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The creative mind can be a busy one, often seeking inspiration, planning projects and developing ideas. Most of the time it seems as if there aren’t enough hours in the day! So, today I’m asking a few of my favourite creative freelancers and business owners how they switch off from their busy schedules to slow down for a moment or two.

How 12 Busy Creatives like to Relax and Unwind | Natasha Denness Coaching (Photo of deck chairs on a beach)


‘I like to relax by gardening, I love visiting garden centres and plant shops, watching Monty Don and creating my dream cottage garden with a full on floral display from Spring through to the last days of Summer.’ – Selina Lake, Interior Stylist and Author of 7 books including Botanical Style

‘Our favourite way to relax is with some incense burning, a book or independent magazine in hand and a cat or two sleeping nearby. We are also very lucky to be able to hear the sea from our garden, so on a fair weather day, we love to have the back doors open and listen to the waves on the breeze.’ – Jeska & Dean Hearne, Owners of The Future Kept / Jeska Blogs at Lobster & Swan

‘To unwind I like to attend a pilates class complete with calming music and fairy lights. I also enjoy going for a run followed by a few moments in my garden with a cup of tea. It’s a lovely tranquil place to relax in and when the weather is good I love the warmth of the sunshine.’ – Laura Loveridge, Textile Designer at Boden

‘It’s particularly hard to switch off in this digital age of being constantly connected to work and social media, especially when you love your work. For me, I have to find something that completely immerses me; gardening is a good one, so is a really good book or magazine, and occasionally I enjoy a spot of sewing. I can see the appeal of adult colouring books too, as I’ve found myself getting really into it when colouring with my daughter! I haven’t bought one just yet though!’ – Caroline Rowland, Editor of 91 Magazine and Author of The Shopkeeper’s Home

‘I go for a long run with either my favourite tunes or my friend. Both options really help me to unwind while blasting away plenty of adrenaline. Or I escape into a bookshop. The moment I enter the store I feel relaxed, inspired and in another world.’ – Emily Quinton, Photographer, Blogger and Maker at Make Light

‘Since my daily work is so physical – wedging clay, creating pots on the pottery wheel, loading and unloading kilns, etc., it’s important for me to give my body a break. As dull as it may sound, I’m most fully relaxed when I’m sitting at home in my comfy chair (with nobody around but my husband) wrapped in a blanket with a cup of coffee in hand.’ – Katie Coston, Artist and Owner of Illyria Pottery

How 12 Busy Creatives like to Relax and Unwind | Natasha Denness Coaching (Photo of a cup of tea and a book)


‘Walking in the woods is my favourite way to relax – being among trees both soothes and inspires me. The next best thing is curling up on the sofa with my cats, a good fantasy book, and plenty of tea.’ – Cristina Colli, Still Life Stylist and Photographer at Cristina Colli | Visual Storytelling

‘I drink cocktails, eat cake and snuggle on the sofa with my family! And if I need a proper break I get in my car and drive to Cornwall to stare at the sea.’ – Allison Sadler, Designer, Blogger and Owner of the Lifestyle Store People

‘To relax Alice takes static trapeze classes which help her to switch off for a few hours! And I love getting sweaty in the gym with a spot of high-intensity interval training. We also love a spot of shopping interspersed with a few cocktails!’ – Alice Shreeve and Hannah Coniam-Thompson, Fashion Designers and Style Bloggers at Belle and Bunty

‘I would like to say yoga and meditation, but the reality is probably more wine and pasta! Visiting a beautiful house or garden. Making a flower arrangement without any agenda other than just enjoyment of the process – when I have flowers and a vessel in front of me time stands still and I go into a sort of reverie. A hot bath – essential after a long day. Curling up by the fire and having my husband read to me – probably the best of all.’ – Ally Nutting, Floral Stylist at Aesme

‘It takes a while for me to really switch off and unwind because I’m such a workaholic. I love going to yoga and pilates classes to help me wind down and I always leave feeling refreshed and clear of mind. A long bath (try magnesium bath salts they’re great) and a glass of wine also works wonders after a busy week!’ – Zeena Shah, Textile Designer, Illustrator and Author of How to Print Fabric

‘To switch off from work and unwind I have to take myself physically away from my laptop or phone. Once I give myself this freedom I find it’s easier to stop thinking about the jobs that need to be done or the emails that need to be sent. Instead, I go for a glass of wine (or two) with my friends or a walk with my boyfriend. We keep work talk off limits!’ – Francesca Stone, Blogger of Fall for DIY

How 12 Busy Creatives like to Relax and Unwind | Natasha Denness Coaching (Photo of a swimming pool)

Thank you to everyone who shared their favourite ways to relax and unwind. When I’ve had a busy week, I like to escape to the Cotswolds for lunch or afternoon tea. I also enjoy the simple things in life like a good book, a walk in the woods or a swim.

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